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Vanessa Ivie                       Submitted on 12-19-16 23:24
My whole family loves Linny's Cookies! As soon they arrive, they are devoured by my husband and sons. I highly recommend Linny's Cookies if you are considering a special gift for someone special - or just looking to indulge in a delicious treat.
Caitlyn Gehrke (Cory)                       Submitted on 12-15-16 09:26
Linny made cookies for us for our rehearsal dinner (I grew up on these cookies) and they were a huge hit. The cookies were gone in a flash, but I still have cake from that night in my freezer! We've had people tell us they don't like other chocolate chip cookies after having Linny's!
Joyce Lozow                       Submitted on 12-14-16 16:10
I have been ordering and eating Linny's Cookies for years. Truly, they are "the best in the world". I can say this because I have tried other chocolate chip cookies and came away knowing that Linny's Cookies are Number 1!!! The cookies are made with lots of love by the kindest and most thoughtful woman.
Marlin Barad                       Submitted on 12-14-16 12:02
I have been ordering her cookies for years. They make great out of town holiday gifts!
Tarri                       Submitted on 12-13-16 16:56
Love these delicious cookies. They taste fantastic, look great, are packaged beautifully and the chef and her company are AWESOME!
Rhyan                       Submitted on 12-12-16 21:15
We have been sending Linny's cookies as regular gifts to our clients and our clients LOVE them. We have have had nothing but great feedback from everyone who has received one. Linny and Roger make the ordering process so easy, especially when we have multiple orders at a time! The cookies are always delivered fresh and quick with the unique balloon packaging. I would highly recommend Linny's cookies for anyone looking for a fun and unique gift idea. Not to mention tasty!
Richard                       Submitted on 11-19-16 11:31
So yummy, keep it up
Rebecca Beck                       Submitted on 11-16-16 15:27
As a gluten-free consumer, I'm used to compromising. But with Linny's cookies, I was amazed to feel like I'm getting the real goods! They are still chewy and delicious. It's a delicious reminder of what being gluten-ful feels like, but without the gluten! Thanks, Linny! Smile on my face!
Bruce Martin                       Submitted on 10-28-16 14:15
Attended a get out the vote rally. The overall winner was Linny's cookies! I and everyone at the rally were praising these cookies... as the best they ever had! Vote or don't vote but get a dozen of Linny's cookies..
Roger Pretekin                       Submitted on 10-27-16 18:16
These cookies are the best. I highly recommend them.
jane f.                       Submitted on 07-25-16 09:55
My husband ate 12 of linny's cookies in less than 48 hrs. I tried to hide them. He found them. I am married to the Cookie Monster. He said that that these are the BEST chocolate chip cookies ever. Thanks, Linny!
Paula Schneiderman                       Submitted on 02-06-14 07:41
I love Linny's cookies and decided to share the love with my brother, sister-in-law, and niece in Connecticut. They agreed with me and said, "YUMMY!"
RENEE SIEMBIEDA                       Submitted on 02-02-14 15:52
I've been enjoying Linny's cookies for decades. They are simply the best, just like Linny! MORE!!!
Les P.                       Submitted on 02-02-14 14:00
I always preferred tollhouse cookies but after eating one (a bunch) from Linny's Cookies I was converted. They're that good!!!
Todd Phillips                       Submitted on 02-02-14 06:39
Wow, great cookies. Our family have been a customer of Linny cookies for over 20 years. No one has this level of customer service or quality of the cookies. Highly recommend this company to impress your customers or friends and family.
Karen Bell                       Submitted on 02-01-14 17:16
Linnys cookies are hands down the best chocolate chip cookies ever! Linny is just as wonderful! I had her cookies sent to my relatives back east for Christmas last year, and they all raved about them and want more! Thanks, Linny!
Terry Rubin                       Submitted on 01-28-14 10:21
Linny's Cookies make me so happy, I feel like dancing all around! I think I know Linny's secret's Love.
Jane Gwin                       Submitted on 01-28-14 08:14
I work in an office that receives Linny's Cookies several times a year and it is always something our staff looks forward to and they are eaten within minutes. There's nothing better than a cup of milk and a Linny's Cookie!!!!
Tom Durbin                       Submitted on 01-28-14 07:02
I have enjoyed these great cookies for over 10 years. There simply is none better anywhere. Try 'em!!
Marty Meitus                       Submitted on 01-27-14 22:15
Although I have tried repeatedly to duplicate these cookies at home, I can never get the same delicious soft, chewy taste and texture as Linny's Cookies. I've hung up my spatula. Better to watch the smiles when Linny's Cookies arrive.
Samuel Jacobs                       Submitted on 01-27-14 21:17
I order from Linny's Cookies 4 times a year for all my gifts. Best cookies hands down, professional service, and prompt delivery. Move over Mrs. Fields, Linny's has you beat.
Kris Gibson                       Submitted on 01-27-14 19:16
I've had the distinct pleasure of enjoying Linny's cookies for more than past two decades. They make great personalized gifts whether you're in the doghouse or not And when I give them as a Valentines gift guess who also plans to sneak some for themselves. Best cookie around hands-down!!!
Mary P.                       Submitted on 01-15-14 15:24
Friends and family want me to visit. The reason? I send a box of Linny's Cookies as a Thank You for letting me stay with them.
Kathy                       Submitted on 01-13-14 21:43
These cookies are THE BEST! I definitely recommend them.
Ellen Brilliant                       Submitted on 01-13-14 11:10
Linny is as sweet as her cookies. She is so easy to work with and her cookies always bring a smile to the lips and bellies of the lucky recipients! The cookies in the balloon have become a favorite present to give and get. Everyone loves Linny's cookies! They are the best. A perfect gift for any occasion.
Kathy B.                       Submitted on 01-10-14 19:39
The BEST cookies. In the world. Period.
Wally & Doug Mertes                       Submitted on 01-10-14 18:03
I've been a baker all my life, so my standard of quality is very, very high. Linny's cookies are easily the best chocolate chip cookie EVER- eclipsing even mine. Linny- you're the BEST!
Jeff                       Submitted on 01-10-14 16:54
The cookies are wonderful. I have been sending them for years for birthdays and instead of flowers for many occasions. I keep hoping someone will send them to me.
Michael Pretekin                       Submitted on 01-04-14 17:02
The cookies are delicious. They've made me the man I am.

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